Sunny Side Ups [click!]


Animation series for preschoolers in early development.
13episode, 7min for the 1st season


Comedy fantasy animation series in which Emmy, an alien who has come to Earth, and her friends play with the things they encounter and discover in their daily lives, letting their imaginations explode!
Emmy comes to live with her grandparents on Earth for a while, and encounters many “new things” on Earth. Each time, she shows her imagination and gets her friends involved in a grand “pretend play”
Children play freely in their imaginary world. However, their pretend plays are so free that they always take unexpected turns! Children from various backgrounds sometimes clash with each other, but they cooperate to overcome unexpected happenings. This is a hyper imaginative comedy in which you can enjoy “what would be nice if we could do such-and-such” from a child’s point of view.
This is a comedy series, full of imagination in which children enjoy “encountering new happenings” from a child’s perspective.


Theme of this show is Imagination, Friendship, and Adventure.
Through Emmy’s adventure, I want to show children how important imagination is, how fun it is to play together, and how wonderful it is to be unique.
My imagination has helped me when I’ve felt lonely when I was a child. I hope that many children will learn the joy of imagination through this animation.


The real world where Emmy and her friends live with their families, Sunny Town, and the rooms where the children play, are created in CG.
The imaginary world of pretend play is created in 2D.



Planning: Taka Kato, Emmy Ozawa
Director / Character design / Art director: Taka Kato
Production Partner: Flying Ship Studio, Inc.
Producer: Emmy Ozawa
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